Metal Stamping Services

Tool & Die

Tool and Die Design

Tellenar Inc. is a metal stamping house with a fully equipped and staffed tool room. Tellenar designs and builds progressive dies producing parts to our customers' exacting specifications. The company offers prototyping services and advice on designing parts for stamping in chain for packaging on reels. Our tool makers are experienced in building terminal insertion machinery from manual hand fed devices to automated bowl fed machines.

Metal Stamping

Tellenar's stamping facility runs presses through 110 tons capacity producing parts from .004" to .125" material thickness. Parts may be ordered unplated, preplated, or postplated, packaged in bulk or on reels.

Lead Wire Processing

Tellenar Inc. can supply you with your custom terminals crimped to wire. Wire sizes can range from 26 AWG to 10 AWG and wire lengths from 1.96" to hundreds of feet. Crimp forces are supplied on request.

Design and Build Special Machines

For those customers operating coil winding equipment we offer custom machines to insert terminals into bobbins (coil forms). These may be manually operated, semi-automatic, or fully automatic.

Metal Stamping Terminals Clip and Transformer Assembly Machine Lead Wires